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-=====Agama - action-based galaxy modeling===== ​+=====Agama - action-based galaxy modeling ​framework===== 
 Library from the Oxford dynamical modeling team: Library from the Oxford dynamical modeling team:
 https://​​GalacticDynamics-Oxford/​Agama https://​​GalacticDynamics-Oxford/​Agama
-{{:​talk_eugenevasiliev.pdf|Agama ​tutorial slides}}+  * {{:​talk_eugenevasiliev.pdf|Agama ​presentation from Gaia Challenge 2015}} 
 +  * {{:​talk_eugenevasiliev_gc2016.pdf|Action-based modelling (talk from Gaia Challenge 2016)}} 
 +  * {{:​talk_eugenevasiliev_gc2016_agamatutorial.pdf|Agama presentation from Gaia Challenge 2016}} 
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