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 ====== Participants ====== ​ ====== Participants ====== ​
-(preliminary ​list)+(final list)
 ^Name^Institution^Field^Participation^ ^Name^Institution^Field^Participation^
 |**Franisco Aros** ​     |Univ. of Vienna|globular clusters|yes| |**Franisco Aros** ​     |Univ. of Vienna|globular clusters|yes|
 |**Paolo Bianchini**|Obs. Strasbourg|globular clusters|yes| |**Paolo Bianchini**|Obs. Strasbourg|globular clusters|yes|
-|**Azadeh Fattahi** |Durham Univ.|spherical|yes| 
-|**Andreea Font**|Liverpool JM Univ.|streams|TBC| 
 |**Jean-Baptiste Fouvry**|IAP,​ Paris|disk, globular clusters|yes| |**Jean-Baptiste Fouvry**|IAP,​ Paris|disk, globular clusters|yes|
 |**Anna Genina**|Durham Univ.|spherical|yes| |**Anna Genina**|Durham Univ.|spherical|yes|
-|**Amery Gration** |Univ. Leicester|spherical|yes (1st 3 days)| 
-|**Rodrigo Ibata** |Obs. Strasbourg|spherical,​ streams|yes| 
-|**Prashin Jethwa** |ESO|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes| 
 |**Klaudia Kowalczyk** |CAMK,​ Warsaw|spherical|yes| |**Klaudia Kowalczyk** |CAMK,​ Warsaw|spherical|yes|
 |**John Magorrian** ​    ​|Univ. of Oxford|spherical|yes| |**John Magorrian** ​    ​|Univ. of Oxford|spherical|yes|
-|**Khyati Malhan** ​     |Stockholm Univ.|streams,​ spherical|yes (1st 3 days)|+|**Khyati Malhan** ​     |Stockholm Univ.|streams,​ spherical|yes (Mon-Wed)|
 |**Gary Mamon** |IAP,​ Paris|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes| |**Gary Mamon** |IAP,​ Paris|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes|
 |**Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti**|MPIA,​ Heidelberg|globular clusters|yes| |**Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti**|MPIA,​ Heidelberg|globular clusters|yes|
-|**Raffaele Pascale** |Univ. ​Bologna|spherical|yes|+|**Farnik Nikakhtar**   ​|Univ. ​of Pennsylvania|streams|yes (Tue-aft-Fri)|
 |**Christophe Pichon** |IAP, Paris|disk, streams, globular clusters|yes| |**Christophe Pichon** |IAP, Paris|disk, streams, globular clusters|yes|
 |**Lorenzo Posti** |Obs. Strasbourg|spherical|yes| |**Lorenzo Posti** |Obs. Strasbourg|spherical|yes|
 |**Pau Ramos** ​         |Univ. Barcelona|disk,​ streams|yes| |**Pau Ramos** ​         |Univ. Barcelona|disk,​ streams|yes|
-|**Justin Read** |Univ. Surrey|spherical|yes|+|**Justin Read** |Univ. Surrey|spherical|yes (Mon-Tue)| 
 +|**Simon Rozier** ​      |IAP, Paris|disk, globular clusters|yes|
 |**Jason Sanders** ​     |Univ. of Cambridge|streams|yes| |**Jason Sanders** ​     |Univ. of Cambridge|streams|yes|
 |**Antonio Sollima** |Obs. Bologna|globular clusters|yes| |**Antonio Sollima** |Obs. Bologna|globular clusters|yes|
 |**Nathaniel Starkman** |Univ. Toronto|streams|yes| |**Nathaniel Starkman** |Univ. Toronto|streams|yes|
 |**Anna Lisa Varri** ​   |Univ. Tokyo|spherical|yes| |**Anna Lisa Varri** ​   |Univ. Tokyo|spherical|yes|
-|**Eugene ​Vassiliev** |Univ. Cambridge|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes|+|**Eugene ​Vasiliev** |Univ. Cambridge|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes|
 |**Tadeja Versic** ​     |Univ. Vienna|globular clusters, spherical|yes| |**Tadeja Versic** ​     |Univ. Vienna|globular clusters, spherical|yes|
 |**Laura Watkins** |ESO,​ STScI|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes| |**Laura Watkins** |ESO,​ STScI|spherical,​ globular clusters|yes|
-|**Axel Widmark** ​      ​|Stockholm Univ.|disk|yes| +|**Alice Zocchi** |ESA|globular clusters|yes ​(Mon-Wed)| 
-|**Alice Zocchi** |ESA|globular clusters|yes|+ 
 +[[gc5|Back to 5th Gaia Challenge home page]]
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