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Organiser Pages

These pages are for planning future Gaia Challenge meetings and for finding future revenue streams to keep the initiative going.

The Next Gaia Challenge Meeting

The workshop should run yearly, rotating between different hosts. The University of Surrey and MPIA Heidelberg have already hosted the meeting; next up will be ???

Funding Gaia Challenge

As the initiative grows in size, it would be very helpful to have a dedicated network grant. So far, we have received funds for the workshops from the ESF (University of Surrey) and the Collaborative Research Center SFB881 “The Milky Way System” and Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPIA). Future potential funding streams are listed in the table below.

Opportunity Country Website Lead Applied (yes/no/will) Result
Leverhulme Network Grant UK here Surrey/J. Read will -
COST EU here ? ? -
DFG Scientific Networks Germany here ? ? -
DFG Intern. Collab. Germany here ? ? -
DFG International Events Germany here ? ? -
DLR? Germany here ? ? -
Lorentz Center The Netherlands here ? ? -
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