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Collisional Systems


Working group coordinators: Mark Gieles, Vincent Henault-Brunet (m.gieles, v.henault-brunet [at]

You will find here some challenges based on data from collisional N-body models. These mock data are designed to mimic collisional systems like star/globular clusters.

A summary of Gaia Challenge 2 from the Collisional systems working group can be found here. Preliminary results from the first Gaia Challenge workshop in Surrey are archived here.

Mock datasets for all challenges from Gaia Challenge 2, can be downloaded here.

Additional mock datasets and ideas for new challenges are listed here.

Links to some useful fitting and analysis tools are listed in the Tools section.

Goals/ideas for Gaia Challenge 3

A. Method comparison:

Jeans modelling vs. Distribution-function based models for fitting mock data of GCs. We will start with $N$-body snapshots of the M4 models by Heggie (2014):

B. Understanding Gaia errors:

What will Gaia actually give us (for GCs, open clusters, runaway stars, hypervelocity stars)? What can we do with TGAS?

C. Potential escapers:

a) quantify biases from ignoring them

b) towards self-consistent mixture models with potential escapers

D. Rotation:

include prescription for rotation in multi-mass DF models.

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