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GC2: Challenge 1

Equal mass cluster in isolation and in a tidal field

PI: Alice Zocchi
Other participants: Mark Gieles, Vincent Henault-Brunet, Anna Lisa Varri, Antonio Sollima

Questions to address:

  1. What is a suitable model to describe post-collapse clusters? We here consider 3 models:
    1. Isotropic King (1966)
    2. Anisotropic Michie King
  2. How much does tangential anisotropy/retrograde rotation due to the tides matter?

The relevant snapshots from simulations of an isolated cluster and cluster within a tidal field are available in section A of the Mock data page.

Comparison $f_\nu$ and isolated models

MCMC fit results to tidally limited models

Isotropic lowered isothermal models

Example comparison between the 3 best-fit isotropic lowered isothermal spheres at different times:

Anisotropic lowered isothermal models

Preliminary results for a Michie-style anisotropy fit:

Grids of Wilson, f_nu & rotating models

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