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Full N-body models (with local cuts)

These are full collisionless N-body simulations. The first two were published and analysed in and The latter two include a perturbing satellite at low and high inclination.

There are four simulations:

Each simulation includes:

  • densityfalloff_dm/stars :: ASCII file data for the dark matter/star density fall-off at different radii and angle for small volumes around the disc.
  • surfacedensity_bar/dm :: As above for the surface density for the baryons and dark matter.
  • velocity dispersion :: As above for the stellar velocity dispersion in the z-direction (perpendicular to the disc).
  • wedges :: Raw unbinned ASCII data for different wedges cut around the disc as in
  • *.txt.gz :: Raw ASCII data for the entire centred and aligned simulations (excluding the accreted satellite stars and dark matter). Warning: These files are large (>2 GB).
  • *.tip :: Tipsy format binary file containing all simulation data. Warning :: these files have not been centred or aligned. Tools for reading, centring and aligning these data can be found in the PyNbody suite here.

Publication policy

If using these test data, please cite the Gaia Challenge wiki and

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